All About Coins

Coin collecting is a hobby that dates as far back as the Roman Empire, and is something that is a rewarding pastime, as well as an asset that can appreciate in value over time.


Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, and has many involving factors and nominal specifications. Each coin has their own set of nominal specifications to give collectors an overview on details such as mintage number, metal, mass, diameter and method of manufacture – whether a coin is proof or uncirculated.


The following terms are defined by the Royal Australian Mint:

Authentication - Authoritative determination of the genuineness of a coin.

Circulating Coin - A coin that has been issued by a bank.

Grade - A carefully constructed series of guidelines to determine the condition and therefore the rarity and value of a coin.

Mint mark - A letter or symbol, indicating the mint of origin.

Proof Coin - A carefully struck coin using special dies, with frosted images on a mirror-like background. Proof is a method of manufacture, not a condition or grade.

Uncirculated Coin - A coin which has not been distributed or used as currency.

We stock a great range of coins released by the Royal Australian Mint as well as the Perth Mint. From the yearly released Mint Sets and Baby Coin Sets, to special topical releases for the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and ANZAC Day.

So whether you collect a specific type of coin or theme, view our great range of coins online or in store. If you have any questions about coin collecting please feel free to contact us.