Car Pre Orders

Are you a model car collector? Or are you looking at starting this exciting hobby?

Here at Guy Stuff we have been in the Model Car business for over a decade. We stock a great range of model cars from Authentic Collectables, Biante, Classic Collectables and Diecast Distributers Australia. We also stock Posters, Books and other collectables released by these companies.

You may have noticed that while some of the models are available currently, others are marked as ‘pre order’. What is a pre order you ask?

We’ve outlined some information below, as well as answering some of the most common questions we receive about pre orders.  

  • Model companies announce the scheduled production of a model. This is so they can garner how much interest there will be in said item. This often determines how many of the model are produced. We then take pre orders of the model in store and online.


  • Once the model has been announced, we open it up for pre order. When pre ordering you leave a $50 deposit on a 1:18 scale model, or an $100 deposit on a 1:12 scale model. This guarantees your model once it is produced and released.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How long does a pre order take? This varies from model to model. Models usually take anywhere from 12 months to 24 months to be produced from time of announcement. There is never a fixed due date on a model, and even the ETA on these models is never set in concrete and the timeframe given by manufactures is subject to change with production delays.  


  • Can you tell us what is being released in the future? Unfortunately we often don’t know that a model is being released until the Model Companies announce it. If there is a car that you are interested in ordering should it be announced, please let us know and we can put you down for it, should it be released.


  • Why do some of the models change price? When the models are announced, the Model Companies announce an RRP on this item, based on their expected production costs. If the production costs rise, then they will put the price of this model up. Our price reflects the suppliers RRP and is subject to change without notice.


  • Are the models limited edition? Yes in most cases the models released are a scheduled run of a certain number, and come with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Usually once we sell out of a model, we are unable to order anymore.

If you have any questions regarding pre orders, please contact us in store, over the phone, by email or on Facebook. Car collecting is a hobby that never stops and there’s always new models being released!